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AF Juice Co - 60ml

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SubLime – The clue is in the name. SubLime is a positively uplifting, lip-licking treat! A fizzy bottle of tangy-sweet Limeade, this one is #TastyAF!!

Razzamataz – Step it up with this super fruity mashup of sweet Green Apple and tangy Raspberry, this one will satisfy your Fruity tendencies.

Pink Blood – Slice it open and smash out some Clouds, rich and juicy mixed fruits blended seamlessly with sweet Pink Grapefruit. #TastyAF

Passion Ora – Deeply passionate, this flavour builds on itself with lusty layers of Passionfruit, some say it’s sunshine in a bottle, we just say it’s #FruityAF

Grump – The King of candied Grape flavours, authentic Summer Grapes on the inhale, sweet candy bliss on the exhale, go on…. Get your Grump on!

Pinnacle – Totally TropicalA fizzy blast of mouth-wateringly sweet Pineapple and tangy Grapefruit all washed down with fizzy bubbles….

CVC – Take a classic fizzy cola vape and turn it up to 1 million, with a sweet cherry and a smooth vanilla it’s as tasty as they come and #FizzyAF!!

Cherry Bomb – A lip smacking explosion of Candy – Like Cherry blows thought with a fizzy aftershock. This Cherryade vape is the BOMB!

Pingo – So fruity it’s creamy, we call it “FREAMY!” A Perfect blend of sweet Pineapple backed up by a rich, thick and smooth fresh tropical Mango.

Lemon Puff – What could be better than a Fresh Zesty Lemon Smoothie, the vape is smooth, the taste is fresh, rich yet light. Best of all, it is #CreamyAF

Borange – Next level dessert vape, an expert blend of crunchy sugar biscuit with a tasty candied orange. This is not your average vape.

Strawgasm – Oh, this one will leave your screaming for more! Creamy and fresh, this Strawberry Smoothie is true vape ecstasy. This is #SmoothAF

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