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Datt Shot - Nicotine Shot

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Datt Shot 18mg 10ml

Datt Shot Nicotine Shots are a great TPD compliant way to convert any 0 mg e-liquid into a 3 mg or 6 mg.

Datt Shot source and use USP grade nicotine, to create a fantastic nic shot that can be added to any e-liquid. Providing a nicotine boost without leaving you with that peppery after taste that other nic shot give to liquids.

How to use?

Add one 10ml bottle for every 50ml of your favourite e-liquid to make it 3mg or two bottles per 50ml to make it 6mg. Simply shot, shake, vape!

Datt Shot By Datt Juice

Datt Shot A Great New Tpd Compliant Way To Convert Any 0 Mg E-liquid Into A 3 Mg Or 6 Mg. Sourcing And Using Usp Grade Nicotine. Datt Shot Has Taken The Market By Storm And Is Recognised As The Uk’s Leading Tpd Compliant Nicotine Booster.

Datt Shot ready Products Ratio Guide:50ml requires, 1 Full Bottle – 100ml requires, 2 Full bottle
The Above Will Result In A 3mg Formula

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